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Futurismi meets The Barbed Wire V

Written by Futurismi

Siamo arrivati alla quinta puntata della nostra serie “Futurismi meets The Barbed Wire” con un mix nuovo di zecca, a cura di Gabriele Gadani, con Chris Carter, Ancient Methods, The Empire LineYoung Echo e molti altri. Buon ascolto.


  1. Chris Carter – Moon Two
  2. Primitive World – Fractions Of The Absolute
  3. Young Echo – Oran
  4. Ancient Methods – Andromeda (feat. Zanias)
  5. The Empire Line – Music for Catwalks
  6. Potter Natalizia Zen – Articulated
  7. Pierre Vigroux – Sabotage
  8. The Modern Institute – Dozen Cocktails
  9. Lucy Railton – The Critical Rush
  10. Koenraad Ecker – Between the desire and the spasm (falls the shadows)
  11. Gabber Eleganza – Never Sleep
  12. Leslie Winer & Jay Glass Dubs – Cogged
  13. Jung An Tagen – 62423 HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE?
  14. Cavern Of Anti-Matter – Phase Modulation Shuffle
  15. Young Echo – Here

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