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Futurismi meets The Barbed Wire VI

Written by Futurismi

Ennesima puntata della nostra serie “Futurismi meets The Barbed Wire”. Gabriele Gadani ci regala un nuovo mix con le migliori novità in campo avant-electronic: Rune BaggeMaoupa Mazzocchetti, Holiday Inn, Autechre e molti altri.


1 “Blauer Part Knekelhuis” by As Longitude
2 “Glow In The Dark” by Maoupa Mazzocchetti
3 “Feel Free! (feat. Dap)” by Holiday Inn
4 “Blurb” by Intense Molecular Activity
5 “Between Magic & Machines” by Vanishing Twin
6 “Gikanjoumonogatari” by Dustin Wong + Takako Minekawa + Good Willsmith
7 “Ecstasy Live Intro Theme” by Spacemen 3
8 “Hyper Ethnic Blues” by Michal Turtle
9 “Yeti” by Magamura
10 “Malfunction (Edit)” by Cavern of Anti-Matter
11 “Refonder” by Sister Iodine
12 “Still Broken” by Rune Bagge
13 “9 chrO” by Autechre
14 “It’s Coming” by Peder Mannerfelt
15 “Bachelor Machines” by Tomaga
16 “Anticlines” by Lucrecia Dalt

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