FUTURISMI Podcast 15 – Codex Empire // 04.11.2015

Written by Futurismi

Per il nostro quindicesimo episodio siamo orgogliosi di ospitare Mahk Rumbae aka Codex Empire, già noto come membro dei Konstruktivists e per aver fondato insieme ad Andy Oppenheimer il duo Oppenheimer MKII.
L’artista inglese fresco del suo ultimo EP, Kingsevil, ci regala un mix dalle tinte industrial e i ritmi techno che denotano il carattere già evidenziato nell’ottima recente uscita su [aufnahme + wiedergabe]. Detto questo non vi resta che schiacciare play.

We are proud to have Mahk Rumbae aka Codex Empire, for our 15th podcast. The English-born Vienna-based artist, already known for being a member of Konstruktivists and the founder -together with Andy Oppenheimer- of Oppenheimer MKII, gave us a mix painted with industrial shades and techno rhythms, recalling his last [aufnahme + wiedergabe]‘s release’s “personality”. All you have to do is press play!

Codex Empire – Dagger Complex – (aufnahme + wiedergabe)
Zoviet France – Smocking Erde – (Red Rhino)
DnA – Unknown – (Fondation Sonore)
Gescom 72 – Dan One – (Skam)
Cut Hands – The Claw – (Blackest Ever Black)
Joyless – Prisoner’s Dilemma – (Emetic)
Polygon Window – Quoth – (Wooden Thump Mix) – (Warp)
Caroline K – Tracking With Close Ups – (Klanggalerie)
Konstruktivists – Smack (Original Mix) – (Dark Entries)
AnD – Power Spectrum – (Electric Deluxe)
Eschaton – Kali – (Token)
Headless Horseman – Legend (Headless Horseman)
Zosima – Siberia (Original Mix) – (Noiztank)
Fetisch Park – Love Is A Liar – (Klanggalerie)
Chicago – Free Form Guitar – (CBS)
Songs Ohia – Not just a Ghost’s Heart – (Secretly Canadian)
Throbbing Gristle – Medicine – (Mute)
Kitchens of Distinction – Spacedolphins – (One Little Indian)

Also available on mixcloud:

FUTURISMI Podcast 15 – Codex Empire // 04.11.2015 by Futurismi on Mixcloud

Not enough? Here’s the link to listen to Codex Empire’s Kingsevil EP


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