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Alvar, duo stoccolmese, sono i coniugi Johanna Backman e Jonas Fredriksson. La loro musica è ispirata ai luoghi desolati, le case abbandonate e le vecchie leggende di Öland. Un mix di techno e pulsante electronic body music. La musica degli Alvar, inoltre, evoca cupe atmosfere alla Cold Meat Industry e ipnotiche frequenze angstpop alla Haus Arafna. Hanno in uscita per Daft Records – Minimal Maximal, prevista per l’11 novembre, Guilt Kollektion, cd che raccoglie le loro uscite su cassetta.

Alvar, a Stockholm-based duo, are the married couple Johanna Backman and Jonas Fredriksson. Their music is inspired by deserted places, forgotten houses and old legends from Öland. It’s a clash between techno and hard beating electronic body music. Alvar’s music, in addition, evokes Cold Meat Industry’s gloomy atmospheres and Haus Arafna’s hypnotic angstpop frequencies. Their Guilt Kollektion on Daft Records – Minimal Maximal is going to be released on the 11th of November: it’s a cd collection of their tape releases.

Also available on YouTube.

Here’s a note from Alvar to feature the mix:
“We chose a couple of tracks/bands that has meant a lot to Alvar. From noise to dub. From crust punk to ambient. And some things in between. This is the sound of our roots and also the sound of our present. It is a broad mix of songs but hey! now we had the opportunity to decide. Enjoy.

J & J / Alvar


Gas – Untitled (Königsforst Track 1) (Mille Plateaux)
Wolfgang Voigt´s work as Gas has been a big inspiration since the very start of Alvar, and when we started out as Alvarets 4 Ryttare – maybe even more back then. Ambient, classical and almost totally hypnotic.

Sällskapet – Den Dan (Razzia)
Sällskapet was on this album: Niklas Hellberg, Pelle Ossler and Thåström. And the latter is propably the single most played artist at our home. Very important in Swedish music – since the days when punk arrived in our cold country.

Coil – Where Are You? (Chalice)
Jhon Balance and Sleazy has made some of our favorite albums, ever.. It is a pity both are now gone, they made albums that was better and better in the end. They have a special language in music, transcendental and very emotional. We even made a track called ”Jhonn” as a tribute.

Vasilisk – Whirling Dervishes (Eskimo Records)
From the debut album by this former ”White Hospital” unit. Great tribal, industrial noise from Japan. A heavy inspiration for us, particularly in the very beginning when the two of us starting to make music together.

Brighter Death Now – Promises Of Death (Familjegraven)
Mister Karmanik, the man behind Cold Meat Industry. Let´s put it like this – without CMI we would never have started Alvar. As simple as that. Pure love.

Ancient Methods – A German Love (Metaphysik)
A great great man! Has made some of our favorite techno tunes, simply amazing. AND he has released stuff on the great aufnahme + wiedergabe.

Furfriend – Geck (Killekill)
We had the honour to share the stage with Furfiend on our second gig.. Now great friends, but the strength and the importance of their tracks is solid. Bloody fantastic.

DC Pöbeln – Bettan Står I Baren (Konduktör Rekords)
When we started to date this was one of the frist tracks Jonas played.. The importance of that? Well.. And besides that; it is one of the best moments ever released in Swedish electronic music history. Released 1985, thanks to our friend Lars.

Klinik – Memories (Antler Records)
Well, that magic made by Dirk Ivens and Marc Verhaeghen as Klinik. The sound of the drums, the ice cold atmosphere, and some of the best live shows we ever seen.
If someone had told us in the beginning that we will put out our debut album on Mr. Ivens Daft Records.. What a joke.. Now it´s a dream. Such a great honour.

Einstürzende Neubauten – Feurio! (Rough Trade)
Maybe THE most important band to us in that way they change and morph their sound and instruments.
We met N.U. Unruh once – he asked us about weed. Whatever the significance?

Inside Treatment – Naked (New Zone)
This swedish EBM, how it sounded in the beginning of the 90´s. Released on Talla 2XLC´s New Zone label. Inside Treatment and Scapa Flow (heard in the dark later on in this mix..) was among the favorites in the scene back then and a reason why start making music.

Blue For Two – Moon Madness (Radium 226.05)
One of the best voices belonged to Freddie Wadling, rest in peace. A fantastic track and oh so many times we have listened to this while drinking wine, way to early in the morning..  We actually was about to perform a cover of this track on this years Kalabalik På Tyrolen festival (one of the best festivals around, a tip!) but in the end didn´t… Maybe another time.

Skinny Puppy – Morpheus Laughing (Nettwerk)
From the best Skinny Puppy album, Too Dark Park. A heavy influence for us. The uncompromised sound of this is like a big fist in the stomach. They creat sound with so much atmosphere and feelings it is almost crazy.

Youth Code – Lost At Sea (Dais Records)
Two great persons, friends, producing some of the best present ass-kicking music around. How could that NOT be an inspiration.

Trepaneringsritualen – Alone/ACross/Abyss (Cold Spring)
Actually first released on a compilation tape released by Jonas back in 2013. Thomas (Trepaneringsritualen) has made some the best albums the later years. And we released our debut cassette on his Beläten label, and actually it was when he asked about releasing something with Alvar everything started, for real. Then we approached our tracks in a different, maybe better, way. We owe him, a lot.

Omala – Smell Touch Taste (Frequent Frenzy)
The most important and probably best Swedish album released is: Germ by Omala. Ok! That album deserves a larger recognition. We will never stop nagging about it.

Sheriff Lindo And The Hammer – Eastern Bloc (Endless Recordings)
Now for some completely different, or not.
Dub music is a big influence on Alvar, not kidding. This Australian masterpiece from 1988, the album: Ten Dubs That Shook The World, compiles both industrial and dub. Heavy.

Rhythm & Sound with Jennifer Lara – Queen In My Empire (Burial Mix)
We made a track called ”Rhythm & Sound” as a tribute to this band (think it is still out there on soundcloud..) We will never grew tired of this, all there LP´s and singles has been on heavy rotation in our home for… …well as long as we remember.

Exploited – Troops Of Tomorrow (SEC )
This track we performed a cover of in Stockholm once. In a small basement when we shared the stage with our friend Celldöd and the band Valhall. We never recorded it though.. Such a great punk classic. Darkness.

3-Way Cum – I Wanna Be Your Dog (Sound Pollution Records)
We have listen to a lot of crust punk lately, yes!, as a inspiration of atmosphere.. 3-Way Cum hails from Kalmar, a small city close to the island Öland (where you find the big Alvar..) but: I Wanna Be Your Dog hails from the Stooges..

Emak Bakia – Moreno (Acuarela Discos)
Got this from a friend back in 2005, the track is from 2002 though, and loved it then and love it now. Somehow reminds of Coil.. The Wild West meets Jhon and Sleazy atmosphere is pretty amazing.

Ich Wollte, Ich Könnte – At The Gate (Treue Um Treue)
To be honest we wanted to include something from their “In Memoriam” but could´t find the record now… This 7” is also very nice, but the album was such a big part in our life when we started this band.

Autechre – Nil (Warp Records)
Aphex Twin may be our first taste of techno, actually the selected ambient works is our favorites in his catalogue, but Autechre was the single most important bands of techno back then. Still innovative and great band.”

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