FUTURISMI PREVIEW: Mental Modern – Still Breathing EP

Written by Futurismi

Nuova uscita per Mental Modern, underground music label creata per esplorare tutte le sfumature della techno dai suoni più profondi, oscuri e industriali: [MMV006] Mod21 – Still Brething EP (con un remix di Mike Parker). Esce il 24 aprile.

New issue on Mental Modern, a underground music label created to explore all the nuances of modern techno music, from deeper sounds to the darker and industrial ones: [MMV006] Mod21 – Still Brething EP(incl. Mike Parker remix). Out 24th April.

I walk in the dark

I hear my steps,

fixed, tough echoing,

in the water,

in the sound

in the walls.


So lonely, so confused,

I sweep that ford of concrete,

following a feeble light.


I perceive other strides,

more heavy, impetuous,

that reverberate as well

in these thick walls,

of putrid water

and violent brake-up

an unusual calm

until that, of such shadow

I brush against the limbs,

I perceive the essence,

another breath indeed,

but not of human’s appearance.

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